entanja_1Dear friends, Tanja has passed away on November, 07 2017

„The most important source of energy in our lives is and remains human warmth.“
Ernst Ferstl ( born. 1955 ), Austrian teacher and poet

In my art I want to show the human warmth hidden in “everyday-situations”, I want to show that you can feel happiness, discover warmth and light and even admire the “usual”. Just the fact that it is everyday-life in peace, is enough to appreciate this “ordinary”, enjoy it and try not to lose it. Because today more than ever we feel how fragile peace can be. Many people who lived in peace yesterday, do not anymore today.

In the last two years I have started to dedicate my work also to the remembrance of the victims of the Second World War, a subject which is far from being “everyday” or “usual”.
Working on this subject meant expressing my pain. Pain about the extermination of the living, the loving, the helpless, the peaceful ones. Working on the pictures I would kneel down before these people – in doing so I felt a strong desire and obligation.

Tanja Kolinko